Retirement Planning

We evaluate your current financial standing and create an accumulation strategy aimed at helping to ensure a desired retirement lifestyle. Because your retirement years can span decades, retirement planning should be a priority and is key to helping you Focus on Financial Freedom®.

A successful retirement savings plan established during your working years should address ways to maximize growth and tax-efficient distributions. We explore the available retirement savings vehicles with you. These options will vary given your employment situation, age, tax bracket, and planned retirement age. You may find that qualified retirement plans, IRAs, and Social Security won't provide enough money to support your desired retirement lifestyle. By identifying your retirement gap, we can develop a strategy for investing outside of the traditional retirement vehicle.

If you are a business owner or executive, you may have access to other tax-advantaged retirement savings vehicles. Nonqualified executive compensation is a generic term used to describe a compensation arrangement that provides retirement income—and, in some cases, death benefits—to key employees of a business.

At the heart of any retirement plan is the distribution of accumulated assets. The appropriate distribution method can help to ensure that your retirement savings last beyond your lifetime with minimum shrinkage from taxes. From premature distribution options that allow access to retirement assets prior to age 59½ to products intended to provide stable monthly payments for retirement, distribution planning is paramount to a successful retirement plan.