At Linden Financial Group, building long-term relationships with clients is our priority. 

Together, we carefully chart a course to pursue financial success. You provide the vision and we provide the focus. 

You deserve the confidence that comes from knowing that your financial life is aligned with your values and hopes for the future.

You deserve a financial professional who  .  .  .

  • Makes your questions, concerns, and goals a priority
  • Works for and with you, not around you
  • Invests in accordance with your plan and risk tolerance
  • Provides an investment portfolio free of hidden costs
  • Actively manages and monitors your investments and meets with you regularly
  • Stays current on financial markets, investments, and financial planning issues

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Charlene K. Dolan, CFP® AIF®

Financial Planner & Investment Adviser

Charlene K. Dolan, CFP® AIF®
Financial Planner & Investment Adviser

Charlene, along with her team of advisors, is devoted to helping clients identify meaningful and realistic goals for the future while considering potential risks and challenges. Through in-depth discussions, she establishes the framework for a customized financial strategy. And this work with individuals often leads to serving their families and future generations across the age continuum.

With a career rooted in health and well-being, Charlene understands the emotional role money can play in achieving financial freedom, security, and growth. From positions in public health to long-term care administration to tax preparation to financial services, Charlene recognized early on that money was just a tool to live the life one wanted. And supporting and protecting such a life deserved a consultative, personalized approach to financial planning not often associated with dollars and cents.

Charlene's service-oriented approach to individuals and families is also reflected in her ongoing service to her community. Grateful to her parents for leading by example, Charlene is devoted to supporting several nonprofit organizations, including the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, the YWCA of Greater Newburyport, the Veterans Legacy Initiative, Our Neighbors Table and the Friends of the Amesbury Council on Aging, Inc.

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Danielle S. Holmes, CRPC®, AIF®

Financial Planner & Investment Adviser

Danielle S. Holmes, CRPC®, AIF®
Financial Planner & Investment Adviser

As a mother to four adult sons, Danielle understands the personal and financial challenges that different life stages can bring. It’s often impossible to see how financial freedom can be achieved while balancing day to day needs. Through careful planning and budgeting, Danielle enjoys seeing her clients become empowered by accomplishing something they didn’t think was possible – growing their savings for more financial flexibility and protection.

Having studied behavioral finance, Danielle recognizes the relationship between money, values, and emotions, and she is committed to understanding and honoring each client’s unique situation, perspective, and frame of reference to the financial planning discussion. She listens carefully to her clients’ stories and meets them where they are, regardless of the size of their wallet.

With a background in compliance and licensing, Danielle has witnessed planning excellence firsthand and knew Linden Financial Group was a place where clients came first. She is extremely proud to be part of the advisor team.

Deeply committed to her community, Danielle served as president of the YWCA Greater Newburyport. She is a member of the Board of Directors for ROOF Over Head Collaborative and the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce. Danielle is also Co-Chair of Envision, a Committee of the Amesbury Chamber focussed on supporting and promoting women business owners.  Danielle has previously held positions with the Amesbury High School PTA, the Amesbury Boosters and the Cub Scouts.

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John R. MacDonald, FPQP®, AIF®

Client Service Manager & Financial Planner

John R. MacDonald, ChFC®, AIF®
Financial Planner & Investment Adviser

An avid competitor, John understands that mapping out your next move with focused precision is paramount to success. He helps clients prepare a path to financial freedom by anticipating what’s around the corner and having the most helpful, research-based information to make informed decisions along the way.

John honed his service-oriented approach helping buyers navigate options when he was with the Mazda corporation. An initial consultation with John will mirror what he appreciates most when he is on the buying end – a thoughtful, no-pressure conversation to discover what a working relationship will look and feel like. John will take the time to learn and understand his client's values and demonstrate how those values might translate into a clearer path toward financial flexibility.

John enjoys working with young individuals and families, and he became a father himself in 2022. His daughter arrived promptly on her due date, a sunny March afternoon. But John understands life is as unpredictable as New England weather, and babies rarely arrive on due dates. Therefore, planning and provisions must be in place for life's most challenging scenarios so individuals and families can take advantage of any available protections.

Previously an auto and motorbike racer, John along with his wife Laura, now enjoy and encourage participation and affordable access to disc golf events across the country.

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